The Stand Master 2000
The StandMaster 2000

What is the StandMaster?

The Stand Master 2000 is the world's lightest mobile standing frame, and was designed to put the paraplegic and others back on their feet.The Stand Master is transformative as it allows any person paralyzed below the chest level to transfer from a seated position to a standing position by using his or her own upper body strength. 

The Stand Master 2000 is the most lightweight product of its kind on the market and that adds to its mobility. It is also very stable and does not tip easliy. Another great feature is that it is simple to disassemble. In Addition, this product gives great back support and has a good turning radius. It is quite easy to transfer from a wheelchair to the Stand Master 2000.

The Stand Master 2000 would be a useful tool for rehabilitation hospitals. It would also be ideal for a parapalegic who had a job that involved standing. The Stand Master 2000 enables one to reach heights not obtainable in a wheelchair.

Due to the smart design and by using the correct materials (6061-T6 Aluminum) we made the Stand Master 2000 the lightest of its kind. This reduces the energy needed to movie it about. (37 lbs.)

It opens up a whole new world of opportunities for work and pleasure and provides a whole new freedom like never before.

Gain back your independence and face the world eye to eye.